McCafé announced it is rewarding good people with a good cup of McCafé coffee. Inspired by the way their customers demonstrate simple acts of kindness on a daily basis in their restaurants, McDonald's launched McCafé It Forward, a three-day, pay-it-forward program that designed to spread goodness across the country one golden cup of coffee at a time. Debit cards that grant a customer 1 free cup of McCafé were distributed across the country, some of which were included in coffee-care packages sent to influencers to promote the campaign. 
A McCafé mailer was designed with the signature McCafé cup on its exterior, containing a custom coffee tumbler and debit card for influencers. Each box also included a US map with a blinking light on the recipient's hometown. Customers were able to track the journey of their McCafé It Forward cards as they passed them on across the country via McDonald's Instagram.
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Client McDonald's
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