Mac & Mia is a curated children's clothing service designed to make shopping easier for busy parents. Each customer is assigned an individual stylist to hand select outfits for their little one, and these outfits are shipped to their doorsteps. Mac & Mia reached out to me to complete a design test consisting of a marketing email and posts for their Instagram profile.
Mac and Mia wanted their brand guidelines to be expanded upon to demonstrate creative potential. Whimsical, childlike illustrations were incorporated to add a bit more fun to their branding. Short animations are very eye-catching to customers and popular on social media, so these were tied into the marketing email and Instagram posts. To present Mac & Mia with something extra, character icons were added to their logo, meant to represent "Mac" and "Mia". The two were designed in a dead-line vector style that incorporates the curves of the logo.
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