Kookies was founded by people who love cookies, but didn't love the calories, dairy, and artificial ingredients, especially at the thought of their kids consuming them. Thus, they created a brand of vegan snack cookies with fruit-based flavors that are as wholesome as they are delicious. Kookies are kooky fun for everyone– kids and parents alike!
To capture the fun, energetic spirit of the Kookies brand, a bold sans serif typeface was used for the logo, and individual letters were skewed to make it playful and dynamic. Characters were created to represent each flavor, and they interact with photos of the cookies in a child-like way, akin to kids on a playground. A bright, monochromatic color palette was chosen to complement each flavor and stand out on store shelves. The secondary typeface and paper-like textures in the branding and packaging are reminiscent of childhood: torn construction paper in art class and the type used on your 3rd grade teacher's calendar.
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