Company Concept Labs
Brand Nuventin
Where sold discount retailers, Amazon,
The Nuventin brand was launched by Concept Labs in 2018 and had a product line consisting of facial treatment serums and body creams. Within a few years, the serums were not performing as well in retailers as customers were no longer resonating with the overall look and white pump bottle. The sales team decided to revamp the line in 2020 by swapping the old component for an amber bottle dropper and creating a new packaging look that was still in line with the current branding.
New retail cartons were designed for the face serums incorporating the established bright and clinical yet approachable Nuventin branding. The same typefaces, color swatches, and iconography were arranged in fresh and engaging layouts that stand out on retail shelves. The amber dropper bottle is displayed on the front of the boxes to resonate with our discount retail customers. The serum names and primary ingredients were made larger and more prominent on the retail cartons to catch the customer's eye. 
Designing a new look for the Nuventin facial serums resulted in boosted product sales. The line became a consistent seller in the off-price retail space.
Vitamin C Age-Defying Serum, Collagen Instant Plumping Serum, and Hyaluronic Instant Skin Hydrator
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